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2015 Staff Congress Roundtable Overview

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Our Location

Staff Congress Office
Lucas Administrative Center 105
Highland Heights, KY 41099

Executive Team:
Congress President: David Bauer
President Elect: Katie Lovold
Secretary: Josh Neumeyer
Parliamentarian:  Eileen Baker

2015-2016 Staff Congress Members:
Member Directory

Office Personnel:
Grace Hiles

Attention NKU Staff Employees!
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Scholarships are awarded yearly to immediate family members of Northern Kentucky University staff members. Please have your dependent or spouse visit the Financial Aid website to fill out the universal scholarship application.
Applications may be found here
Financial Aid provides Staff Congress with applications that fulfill the qualifies for our scholarships. Deadlines for applications through the Financial Aid office is: incoming freshmen January 15, 2015 or March 15, 2015 for continuing students

More information may be also found here:
Staff Congress Scholarship


The Northern Kentucky University Staff Congress shall:
create a stronger bond within the staff; solicit and express opinions, suggestions and recommendations of the staff on all matters of concern to the various staff constituencies and to the staff as a whole.

Staff Congress shall seek representation in all aspects of Northern Kentucky University governance.

~ NKU Staff Congress Constitution